Deep and crisp and even.

31st January 2010
It seems a while since I last made an entry, I think I got a little carried away with the white stuff over the last few weeks, which has been extraordinary.
I still didn't get out and about in the snow as much as I would have liked, partly due to the difficulty of getting around in severe weather. Traction control works okay, but it's not four wheel drive!
I did have a trip up to County Durham in early January which was bitterly cold and deep in snow. We stayed in Bowes, not far from the A66 over to Cumbria, which was closed for the duration of my visit.

This is High Force waterfall near Middleton in Teesdale, the river was still flowing, but the sides were choked with thick layers of ice.

This was the River Greta running through Bowes.

I'll be adding some more shots of the cold weather soon.

Photo Course

Next weekends course is all set to go, if you are still interested in catching a place, ring the gallery (01263 710222) and hopefully we'll fit you in.